[unixODBC-support] problems with unixODBC and MDBTOOLS on RH9

Eric Sharkey sharkey at netrics.com
Wed Jan 12 16:10:01 GMT 2005

> when i tried to do
> [root at r8pc111 root]# strace isql -v ACCESS-test 2>st.log
> +---------------------------------------+
> | Connected!                            |
> |                                       |
> | sql-statement                         |
> | help [tablename]                      |
> | quit                                  |
> |                                       |
> +---------------------------------------+
> SQL> select * from test
> It was OK ... i had the table lines

An isql selection is running different code than SQLTables from
the DataManager.  It's very easy for one to work and not the other.

> DataManager asks a Id en Password but there's no password with ACCESS

The DataManager always asks for a password, whether you need it or not.
It's fine to just leave it blank and click ok.

> Is it the problem ? maybe !!!

Turn on tracing and see why the SQLTables call is failing.


Trace = Yes

To your odbcinst.ini and then look at /tmp/sql.log for more info
on the SQLTables problem.


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