[unixODBC-support] Connection Attribute #30002

Eric Sharkey sharkey at netrics.com
Thu Jan 6 17:07:47 GMT 2005

Forgive me for abusing this list one more time.

I'm trying to use my new driver with MS Access (among other things) and
it seems to be calling Get/SetConnectAttr with attribute number
30002, which gets translated as "Unknown attribute 30002" even in
Micosoft's own trace files.

Does anyone here know what this option is?

I don't see any #defines with the value 30002 in either Microsoft's
or unixODBC's headers.

The PostgreSQL driver seems to support it, to some extent, with
this code:

        switch (fOption)
                [documented options]

                                char            option[64];

                                CC_set_error(conn, CONN_UNSUPPORTED_OPTION, "Unknown connect option (Set)");
                                sprintf(option, "fOption=%d, vParam=%ld", fOption, vParam);
                                if (fOption == 30002 && vParam)
                                        int     cmp;
                                        char *asPara;
                                        if (conn->unicode)
                                                asPara = ucs2_to_utf8((SQLWCHAR *) vParam, -1, NULL, FALSE);
                                                cmp = strcmp(asPara, "Microsoft Jet");
                                                cmp = strncmp((char *) vParam, "Microsoft Jet", 13);

                                        if (0 == cmp)
                                                mylog("Microsoft Jet !!!!\n");
                                                CC_set_errornumber(conn, 0);
                                                conn->ms_jet = 1;
                                                return SQL_SUCCESS;
                                CC_log_error(func, option, conn);
                                return SQL_ERROR;

Is there any document that defines what this option is, or is this just
a reverse engineered work around of an undocumented Microsoftism?


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