[unixODBC-support] Can't connect to PostgreSQL

Maxim muxas at mail.ru
Sat Feb 19 22:52:54 GMT 2005


> I think its more likly a question for the makiers of the distribution 
> you are using.

Maybe. Maintainer of the postgresql dirver port set iodbc as default driver manager, but in the 
makefile he said that just setting variable DRIVER_MANAGER should do the switch to unixODBC. It doesn't.

> You may try setting the env var ODBCINI to equal your .odbc.ini file, 
> the PG driver may be looking at that.

Doesn't help

> Also can you do a ldd on the postgres driver, to see if its linkes 
> dynamically with the odbc ini lib.

it reports only pthread library

> Third thing to try :-), is to use strace (if you have it) to see what 
> system calls isql is making with the PG driver, that maygive you some 
> hints where the driver is going to get its ini information.
I do not have that. I do know how to use it. I'm quite new to *nix.:-)

By now I've tried to install iodbc, compile the postgresql driver from the same source and test it 
with the same config files. Everything go ok :-). I noted that .odbcini.ini has lines:

[ODBC Drivers]
PostgreSQL = Installed

Does unixODBC also require them?


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