[unixODBC-support] Can't connect to PostgreSQL

Maxim muxas at mail.ru
Sat Feb 19 14:06:56 GMT 2005


Driver is installed from ports (database\postgresql-odbc\) with

make install DRIVER_MANAGER=unixodbc

Given that, I assume the driver is built for unixODBC.

There is a note in the makefile which I followed:
# Note that there is a potential conflict between unixODBC's and
# postgres' libodbcpsql.so. unixODBC installs versions `1' & `2' of
# the named lib, while postgres installs version `0'. The postgres
# folks say their is the best, so you might be better off removing
# the others?

So I manually removed these libraries, and 'make install'.

Dist for the driver was taken from postgresql odbc site:
psqlodbc-7.2.5.tar.gz, MD5 = 701c7c55831652d35937c2efaeaab26d

To make sure the problem is in the driver, I will try to use
'native' :-) unixODBC driver for postgresql and then send you results.


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