[unixODBC-support] cannot access data

Gedas deeprest at chatsubo.lt
Wed Feb 2 19:41:14 GMT 2005


I've just set up a user DSN using ODBCConfig for PostgreSQL. Now when I
connect to that DSN with DataManager I can see all the tables of my
database but DataManager doesn't show any data that is contained in
those tables. When I use isql to access the data i get this:
SQL> select * from users
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLExecute

but when I type 'help' command in isql prompt I get all the table names
that are in my database.

What might be the problem?

I run PostgreSQL 7.4.6, odbc-postgresql 7.3 and unixodbc 2.2.9 on Fedora
Core 3

here is my ~/.odbc.ini:

Description             = PostgreSQL
Driver          = PostgreSQL
Trace           = No
TraceFile               =
Database                = testdb
Servername              = localhost
Username                = testdb
Password                = ********
Port            = 5432
Protocol                = 6.4
ReadOnly                = No
RowVersioning           = No
ShowSystemTables                = No
ShowOidColumn           = No
FakeOidIndex            = No
ConnSettings            =



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