[unixODBC-support] RE: Problems with freetds and unixodbc

Brian Morton bmorton at secureworks.com
Wed Dec 7 14:26:21 GMT 2005

I read the FreeTDS article I was sent about the three possible configuration
options for FreeTDS and ODBC.  Can anyone shed some light on tips for the
only ODBC method?  I have done pure FreeTDS, and also done the config file
mix, which is the one documented on unixODBC's site.  How do I do it with
ODBC being the only connection method?  Once I figure it out, I will write a
howto for the site.

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> Subject:	Problems with freetds and unixodbc
> I have a Debian 3.1 machine with FreeTDS and unixODBC installed.  I am
> able to connect to my MSSQL 2000 server via tsql (which is the command
> line interface for FreeTDS).  However, I cannot connect via isql or any
> odbc connect functions in PHP.  I have read the HOWTO on this on the
> unixODBC site, but it has not helped me.  Where can I begin to
> troubleshoot my problems between FreeTDS and unixODBC?  Thanks for your
> help in advance.
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