[unixODBC-support] Ubuntu 5.04 config

Derek Harding derek_harding at myrealbox.com
Tue Aug 9 10:46:36 BST 2005


I am trying to get odbc connexion to another machine on the network.
Here are my config files:
Description	= ACD
Driver		= MySQL
Server		= bayonne
Database	= acd
Port		= 
Socket		= 
Option		= 3
Stmt		= 

Trace		= Yes
TraceFile	= /tmp/sql.log
ForceTrace	= Yes
Pooling		= No

Description	= ODBC for MySQL
Driver		= /usr/lib/odbc/libmyodbc.so
Setup		= /usr/lib/odbc/libodbcmyS.so
FileUsage	= 1

When I try isql it tells me "could not SQLConnect" yet the details above
are correct. I have tried with and without user= and password=

I can make odbc connexions to bayonne from a windows machine but not
this Ubuntu box although I can ping it :(

I used apt-get to load everything and no errors were reported.

Anyone any ideas please?

Best wishes,

Best wishes,

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