[unixODBC-support] qt-odbc-mssql problem

Veliczky Rudolf vrudolf at axelero.hu
Sat Apr 30 15:26:42 BST 2005


I have to connect and communicate with an ms sql 2000 server via ODBC in 
a qt application. (odbc and not direct tds because i use x11 free qt 
without freetds plugin).

I use fedora core 3 (up-to-date), unixODBC 2.2.11, freetds 0.63 (built 
with --with-ms-dblib) and qt 3.3.4.
I have a section in freetds.conf (sa login, tds version 8.0)
I can connect and query sql database with tsql utility. Also, i created 
a DSN in unixODBC based on freetds.conf. Accessing mssql table info or 
data with isql or with DatamanagerII is OK.
Now, i try to create a simple qt app with QODBC3 plugin based on the 
created DSN. Qt tells, connection is OK, but error messages are written 
to stderr.

qGetStringData: Error while fetching data (-1) and
QODBCDriver::record: Unable to execute column list Error:
messages appears on console.

And yes,  no tables can be seen from database. The result is the same if 
i try to hand-code the necessary calls. Connection seems OK, but no 
records can be retrieved.

What's wrong?


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