[unixODBC-support] UnixOdbc ACCES from remote Crystal Report RPT

Philippe Couas pcouas at infodev.fr
Wed Apr 13 10:29:05 BST 2005

I try now to Connect Crystal Report 10 Tool on Client Machine to Linux ODBC.

Currently From my Linux server i could make isql AGI and SELECT * from
I could have two configurations, 
- Launch Crystal Report from Client Machine 
- Launch Crystal Report from Linux Server
It seems my connection String in Crystal Report is Bad could you help me
Description             = TSI ODBC Test DataSource 
Driver          = TSODBCST                         
HOST            =                     
UID             = COO                              
Crystal Report don't found DSN ?
Erreur lors de la recherche du nom JNDI (	

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