[unixODBC-support] Problem in using cursor to fetchmillionsofrows

Jerry Lam jlam at sandvine.com
Thu Apr 7 17:32:38 BST 2005

Yes, the memory usage stay fixed. It released a portion back to the OS when I call "db disconnect" about 80M. It hurts because it used 166M of memory and I'm expected it to use much less than that ~20M since I want 1 row at a time by using the cursor.


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> 166M of memory is used.
> That's hurt and the memory is never released.

Many implementations of malloc()/free() don't release memory to the OS
even when freed, because they assume the application is likely to
want to malloc() it it back very soon.  This is not a bug.

If you run the same statement twice, does the memory usage stay fixed
at 166, or does it grow to 332?

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