[unixODBC-support] Does unixODBC on Mac OS X works?

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Thu Apr 7 15:09:58 BST 2005

Hi Nick

>Lorenzo Moretti wrote:
>>I have installed several version of unixODBC on Mac OS X.
>>Last is the 2.2.11.
>>I've built 2 drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL with unixODBC support
>>I've added the DSN inside odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini (exact driver, 
>>server, data, etc) following the documents.
>>but always I have this error.
>>DBMI-ODBC driver error: SQLConnect():
>>[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Driver's SQLAllocHandle on 
>>SQL_HANDLE_HENV failed (0)
>>and now: Does unixODBC on Mac OS X works?
>Yes it does, have the drivers been build as loadable libs 
>(README.OSX mentions this for postgres).
>Can you show the contents of your odbcinst.ini

I have read this DOC inside unixODBC 2.2.11 source and I've built 
unixODBC and after I've change the file for builting 
libodbcpsql.2.0.0.so (for my sql I've used a precompiled bin but the 
result is the same)

This is odbc.ini

Description         = PostgreSQL local
Driver              = /usr/local/grasslib/lib/libodbcpsql.so
Trace               = Yes
TraceFile           = sql.log
Database            = italia_totale
Servername          = localhost
UserName            = my
Password            = my
Port                = 5432
Protocol            = 7.0
ReadOnly            = No
RowVersioning       = No
ShowSystemTables    = No
ShowOidColumn       = No
FakeOidIndex        = No
ConnSettings        =

>>iODBC on Mac OS X works very well without problem.
>Well there are a couple of problems, but I take your point.
>Peter has done a fair bit on the Mac he may more information, 
>especially with MySQL.

precompiled ODBC driver for MySQL work but it's based on iODBC not 
unixODBC, I think.
I've applications with unixodbc support and I would use these 
applications with external database.

iODBC is included in OS X.
Now there is an ODBC driver for FileMaker 7 on Mac OS X (filemaker 
web site) for example and some users have used it with MS Query and 
it works: I think that it's based on iODBC and I think it's 
incompatible with unixODBC, or no?


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