[unixODBC-support] Question regarding wide character support in Oracle ODBC driver

Hannum Daniel daniel.hannum at siemens.com
Mon Sep 27 19:22:01 BST 2004


I'm evaluating Easysoft's Oracle ODBC driver for a potential purchase. One
of our key requirements is the ability to read and write wide-character data
to and from a database. This is with NVARCHAR/NCHAR columns and Solaris
wchar_t buffers (which are UCS4, not UCS2 as they are on Windows)

Currently, the following bind call (the important part is the WCHAR macros)

sqlRc = SQLBindParameter(hstmt,
                         & strSessionKey_Ind); 

fails with "Error on SQLBindParameter, column id = 1 - ODBC Error
Information: SQL Error Information: SQL State = 07006, Native Error = 0, SQL
Message = [Easysoft][Oracle]Restricted data type attribute violation."

The error goes away if I use SQL_C_CHAR and SQL_CHAR instead of the wide
versions (but obviously, the data is incorrect). Do I need to issue some
kind of connection/statement parameter to enable wide-character support?

Thanks for your help

Daniel Hannum
Siemens Medical Solutions

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