[unixODBC-support] unixODBC Easysoft SQL Server - can't connect

Brian Becker bbecker at Jaeb.org
Tue Sep 21 14:11:37 BST 2004

I am running on Solaris 8 running Apache/1.3.31 with perl (5.8.4) using
unixODBC (version: 2.2.7) with the easySoft ODBC Bridge (Client version
1.4.0/Server version 1.4.23)  to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
Any time any load is put on the server (using the Apache Jmeter
application) we seem to get locked out of the database.  The actual
number of requests seems to be random (it doesn't always break after
100, sometimes takes 3000).

I can run the 'demo' program distributed with easysoft to verify my
dsn's and everything comes back OK.  I can run JSP and ColfFusion pages
(not using unixODBC/Easysoft) that connect to the database and they are
fine. When I try and run isql I get nothing not even with the -v switch.
Perl can no longer connect to the db either.

I am not sure what or where to check for any kind of error messages or
what else I should be looking at.  What other tools are available that I
can use to test unixODBC to see if the problem is there or elsewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Becker
Jaeb Center for Health Research
15310 Amberly Drive
Suite 350
Tampa, FL 33647
tel: 813-975-8690
fax: 813-975-8761
email: bbecker at jaeb.org

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