[unixODBC-support] ODBC Driver for MS SQL Server

Zhu, Kaiding KAZhu at mednet.ucla.edu
Fri Sep 17 22:42:51 BST 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie of unixODBC. I'm trying to set up an ODBC DSN connection on our
Redhat Enterprise Linux server (release AS 3.0) for our SAS application to
access and extract data on a backend Microsoft SQL Server database. Redhat
Enterprise Linux AS3.0 does come with unixODBC 2.2.8. However, it doesn't
appear to include the driver for MS SQL Server. Please see the list below
Redhat gave me. They are mostly for open source SQL database, not commercial
database products. Also, I can't tell simply by looking at the driver names
in the ~/usr/lib directory on our Linux server, which is supposed to contain
all libraries and drivers. 

- libdbi-dbd-mysql        MySQL plugin for libdbi
- mod_auth_mysql     Basic authentication for the Apache web server 
using a MySQL database.
- mod_auth_pgsql     Basic authentication for the Apache web server 
using a PostgreSQL database.
- MyODBC     ODBC driver for MySQL
- mysql     MySQL database
- mysql-bench     Mysql - Benchmarks
- mysql-devel     Mysql - Perl Module and mysqlaccess script
- MySQL-python     An interface to MySQL
- mysql-server     MySQL server
- perl-DBD-MySQL     A MySQL interface for perl
- perl-DBD-Pg     A PostgresSQL interface for perl
- php-mysql     A module for PHP applications that use MySQL databases.
- php-pgsql     A PostgreSQL database module for PHP3.
- postgresql-odbc     The ODBC driver needed for accessing a PostgreSQL 
- qt-MySQL     MySQL drivers for Qt's SQL classes.
- qt-ODBC     ODBC drivers for Qt's SQL classes.
- rh-postgresql     PostgreSQL client programs.
- rh-postgresql-contrib     Contributed source and binaries distributed 
with PostgreSQL
- rh-postgresql-devel     PostgreSQL development header files and libraries.
- rh-postgresql-docs     Extra documentation for PostgreSQL

So my question is: do I have to download and install the driver for MS SQL
Server to our RH Linux box? I see "Microsoft SQL Server" listed under "New
Drivers" on your site, and the entry in that table points to Easysoft's
site. So Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge is all I need??? Can someone help? 

Thanks much!

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