[unixODBC-support] odbcconfig / odbcinst problem

Richard McGraw rmcgraw at 9online.fr
Thu Oct 21 18:12:47 BST 2004

On Oct 21 2004, at 18:28, Nick Gorham wrote:

> Richard McGraw wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i came against a problem in trying to create a new User DSN with 
>> odbcconfig.
>> the origin of the problem seems to be in odbcinst :
>> a system DSN is created fine but on attempting to create a user dsn 
>> here
>> is what i get :
>> * with odbcconfig : "couldn't write to (~/.odbc.ini)" , then "General 
>> error request failed"
>> and "General installer error"
>> * with odbcinst -i -s -h -f <template> :
>> odbcinst: SQLWritePrivateProfileString failed with General error 
>> request failed.
>> odbcinst: SQLWritePrivateProfileString failed with General error 
>> request failed.
>> i have an empty .odbc.ini file in my home dir.
>> The system is Mac OS 10.3 , unixODBC is installed by the Fink package 
>> management system.
>> Also: every time that odbcconfig is launched in Apple's X11, the 
>> following messages
>> pop up: "Couldn't load odbc.ini", and "Unable to find component name"
>> It may be caused by some configuration error at my end,
>> but i prefer to submit it to this list first.
>> Do you have any idea and/or similar experience ?
> I am not sure, I am looking at the Mac at the moment. I would suspect 
> its failing to find the ini where it expects.
> May be worth asking the makers of the package, where they build the 
> code to expect the ini files.
> Can you write to ~/.odbc.ini ? it may be a permissions problem.

Well, at first it couldn't write to the odbc.ini in /sw/etc and i 
changed its permissions ;
then it worked. My ~/.odbc.ini has the same permissions/owner/group
but ODBCConfig still flags the same error message.


... just realised that setting the env variable ODBCINI solves the 
problem !
The thing is the iODBC driver manager is installed too.
unixODBC might read ODBCSYSINI, and apparently it reads ODBCINI for 
User DSNs
if it's set.

My apologies if i disturbed the list.

thanks for your time

-- Richard

> -- 
> Nick
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