[unixODBC-support] strange behaviour in wxWidgets, how to debug?

Ron Arts ron.arts at netland.nl
Fri Nov 19 00:29:52 GMT 2004


linux/ppc, yellowdoglinux (= redhat 9), unixODBC version 2.2.9/
2.2.3, wxWidgets 2.4.2, 2.5.3

I'm posting here because I want to debug, and don't know how.

All unixODBC programs are working correctly on my machine,
and I can do queries on the (PostgreSQL) database using
isql without any problems. It does not work at all from my
wxidgets program though.

First my problems:

- for some reason my program does not even TRY to read /etc/odbc.ini,
   but ONLY reads ~/.odbc.ini.
- SQLConnect return -1

So now I have the following questions:

- are there any circumstances thinkable which make libodbc
   stop opening /etc/odbc.ini, and only look for ~/.odbc.ini?
   (I use the SQLDataSources enumeration function, with the
    SQL_FETCH_FIRST/NEXT constants)

- How do I compile the odbc package so I can use gdb to step
   through the library. My fc2 specfile uses:

   ./configure --with-gnu-ld=yes --enable-threads=yes --enable-gui=yes
      --enable-static=yes --enable-drivers

   configure does not seem to support --enable-debug or something.
   should something like prefixing configure with CFLAGS="-g" work?

Thanks for any pointers/hints,

Ron Arts

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