[unixODBC-support] Primary Keys in OpenOffice

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Tue Dec 28 22:53:20 GMT 2004

Eric Sharkey wrote:

>SQLPrimaryKeys is level 1, not core, but, while I support SQLPrimaryKeys,
>there's a lot of other stuff in level 1 that I don't (and don't plan to),
>so I have to repsond "core", no?
yes, but it wouldn't hurt to check what openoffice does if you lie to it.

>>And of course the other option is to get the OpenOffice source and see 
>>if that shows anything.
>I've done that and not been able to follow it.  It's too big of a code
>base for a casual reader to easily work something like this out.
yes, its a bit huge, but the ODBC stuff is in one module, you could 
search for SQLPrimaryKeys and see if there are any obvious flags around 
it that give hints.

>At the moment, I'm trying to upgrade unixODBC to 2.2.10.  The currently
>packaged Debian release is really really really old and includes a
>truncated value for the macro SQL_ODBC_KEYWORDS, which my driver
>returns in response to SQLGetInfo fro SQL_KEYWORDS.  It may be the
>absence of "PRIMARY" and "KEY" in the keyword list which is causing OOo
>to not allow primary keyword creation in new tables.
Be carefull of SQL_ODBC_KEYWORDS. Read the docs, all you have to return 
are the list of keywords your driver uses, that are _additional_ to the 
list in the ODBC header file. So if the only keywords you have are 
already in the list, you should return a empty string.


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