[unixODBC-support] Memory leak in SQLFetch?

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Tue Dec 14 16:36:52 GMT 2004

Craddock, Richard C wrote:

>I am running UnixODBC v2.2.9 on Fedora Core 2 that should have all of
>the latest patches.  I am using freetds v0.62.4 to connect to MS
>SQLServer 2000.  I do not understand the cursor lib comment.  Forgive
>me, I am new to ODBC.

Ok. I have just tried your code using our interbase driver, and I can't 
see any sign of a leak. I have tried forcing the cursor lib, and it 
still doesn't leak. So I think that may be a red herring. If you could 
try repeating using a different driver it would help.

If you want, try a trial of our (Easysoft's) ODBC-ODBC bridge going to 
the same SQL Server assuming you can install the server on a windows 
machine somewhere, that would let you get to the same data, using the 
same app, with the only difference being the driver.


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