[unixODBC-support] Memory leak in SQLFetch?

Saunders, Steve ssaunders at docucorp.com
Tue Dec 14 15:43:54 GMT 2004

>Craddock, Richard C wrote:

>> Ladies and Gentlemen:
>> I have a reproducible memory leak with the attached code.  There are 
>> exactly 20160 elements that should be returned from the query.  After 
>> running this program there is nearly 3Mb of un-freed memory.  If I 
>> comment out the SQLFetch() calls then the memory leak goes away.  I 
>> suspect that it may have something to do with how I am using unixODBC 
>> rather then a memory leak in unixODBC.  But I have stared at the code 
>> for quite sometime to no avail.  Has anyone had a similar problem?  
>> Have I made a mistake somewhere?  I appreciate your time and assistance.
>> Regards,
>> Cameron Craddock

Nick wrote
> From a quick read, it looks ok, but it does depend on the driver as 
>well, what driver is this using ?
>When you have these sorts of problems, its often worth just trying the 
>same thing with another database/driver to see if the leak remains.

Mr. Craddock, 

What version of unixODBC and OS are you using for this memory leak test? 

We see a similar memory leak problem with unixODBC v2.2.9 regardless of DB
driver (DB2 or MyODBC/MySQL.   We have only tested this version of unixODBC
on AIX v5.2.  The same tests on unixODBC v2.2.8 on Linux/RedHat does not
appear to leak.  


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