[unixODBC-support] Hieroglyphic error message

Philipp Igler Y21452 at at.ibm.com
Tue Aug 17 13:32:10 BST 2004

ok... i did what you told me. but nothing happens to the trace log, except 
i manually connect via shell to odbc.
when i put in isql dsn user passwd everything works properly. and then i 
can see the trace-logs.

Nick Gorham <nick at easysoft.com> 
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Re: [unixODBC-support] Hieroglyphic error message

Philipp Igler wrote:
> I've installed unixODBC Manager on an AIX server. I think I've 
> configured everything correct, because when I call up the isql 
> application, everything works properly. BUT...when I call up a PHP 
> script which includes an 'odbc_connect' statement, I got the error 
> message "*Warning*: odbc_connect(): SQL error: .Ø/ñý@?(Òcd, SQL 
> state /ñý0/ñý?Òcd .Ø/ñý@?(Òcd in SQLConnect in 
> on line *8*".
> BUT, when I add "exec("export DB2INSTANCE=db2inst");" before the connect 

> statement, everything is very slow and nothing happens.
> Can anybody help me?
> Phil

It looks like the data may be coming back as UNICODE, turn on ODBC 
tracing, restart the web server, try again, and see whats in the trace 

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited
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