[unixODBC-support] Hieroglyphic error message

Philipp Igler Y21452 at at.ibm.com
Tue Aug 17 12:27:02 BST 2004

I've installed unixODBC Manager on an AIX server. I think I've configured 
everything correct, because when I call up the isql application, 
everything works properly. BUT...when I call up a PHP script which 
includes an 'odbc_connect' statement, I got the error message "Warning: 
odbc_connect(): SQL error: .Ø/ñý@?(Òcd, SQL state /ñý0/ñý?Òcd 
.Ø/ñý@?(Òcd in SQLConnect in /html/cat_test.php on line 8".

BUT, when I add "exec("export DB2INSTANCE=db2inst");" before the connect 
statement, everything is very slow and nothing happens.

Can anybody help me?

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