[unixODBC-support] unixODBC with standard RH9.0

Scott Johnson scott at advancedtool.com
Wed Aug 4 23:57:11 BST 2004

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On my RH9 box, I wound up downloading the current sources for both UnixODBC
and FreeTDS.  recompiled from there and followed all the instructions.

for UnixODBC, if you don't have the QT (X headers) use the --disable-gui

for freetds, I used the --with-unixodbc=/path/

about a week ago, I posted a URL that had some good information about
configuring unixODBC with FreeTDS without the gui (unixODBC) that may be in
the archives by now.  If not, get ahold of me off list and I'll see if I can
dig it back up for you.



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Subject: [unixODBC-support] unixODBC with standard RH9.0

> Hi,
> I have a server that is running a standard rh9.0 with php4.2.2.XX.rpm,
> freetds and unixODBC all currently installed using rpm.
> I am trying to have my php/webserver access a SQLSERVER database.
> I have freetds working (- tsql -U etc).  After installing the unixODBC
> rpm, I tried to use the isql utility as follows
> <eg>isql nemesys hpfm <password>
> And that's all she wrote.  It simply hangs there with no response at
> all.
> >From my investigations it seems that I don't have a libtdsodbc library
> after the rpm install.
> It would seem then that I need to manually install some or all of the
> components, so my question really is does anyone have a plan of attack?
> Should I start with the unixODBC - I have as yet looked at all of the
> options here, but will.  Should I simply manually reinstall php
> (-withmssql=path_to_[freetds/unxODBC] )?
> This is all on a production server (of course!!!), so I need a
> background path as much as possible.
> Thanks in advance,
> Barry
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