[unixODBC-support] odbc vs odbcpsql drivers SEGFAULT

Shaun Savage savages at savages.net
Wed Aug 4 00:22:09 BST 2004


I am trying to development a Mozilla XPCOM module for Linux that uses 
When I run my module in stand alone mode it works but when I use it 
under Mozilla it seg faults.

The command  I it seg faults on is SQLExecDirect.   In standalone mode 
the library that is used is libodbc.so  I have traced it into the Driver 
manager code before it pops into odbcpsql. In mozilla it links into 
odbcpsql right away.  It then jumps into PG_SQLExecDirect line 207 
Drivers/PostgreSQL/execute.c .  It segfaults at checking statement is 
read only, line 189.

Why does a different library get dynamicly linked in?
I pass it the correct arguments why does is segfault deep in the code?


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