[unixODBC-dev] Linking Static Lib(UnixODBC) In Another Static Lib(libodbc++-mt.a)

Prabu RM prabu at vembu.com
Mon May 27 10:59:56 BST 2013

Hi Support,

In linux linking a static lib to another static is not so easy and we
believe that it is not supported. In order to achieve that we need to
extract both the .a separately to their objects and need to make them

But in UnixODBC/LibODBC we used to keep our application which binds both
UnixODBC & LibODBC in static.

Eg: /usr/local/lib/libodbc++-mt.a, /usr/local/lib/libodbc.a

The connectivity b/w our application and MySQL server looks like below.

*Application Binary(c++) -> LibODBC -> UnixODBC -> MySQL Driver -> MySQL
If so how do you link *UnixODBC Static Lib(*libodbc.a*) *in* LibODBC Static
Lib(*libodbc++-mt.a*) creation?*
Thanks Advance,
Prabu RM.
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