[unixODBC-dev] ODBC-api hooking problem

Динар Рахимбаев rakhimbaev at cg.ru
Thu Apr 11 07:18:44 BST 2013

10.04.2013 22:24, Nick Gorham пишет:
> On 10/04/13 16:51, jon pounder wrote:
>> On 04/10/2013 11:45 AM, Динар Рахимбаев wrote:
>> I don't know for sure but I am guessing having 2 instances of the dm 
>> loaded in the same process is causing trouble since there is only one 
>> odbc environment per process.
>> you should be able to simply call the dbms driver from within your 
>> own driver though, every function do your special stuff then call the 
>> same func in the driver - thats basically what the dm does now.
> Yep, in theory it should work, but I can imagine there may be some 
> reentrancy issues going on. It would probbaly be safer to make your 
> driver call the targer driver directly.
Thanks a lot for your quick responses!

Now I'm going to try another way (direct access to DBMS driver). I 
think, I'll get more definite behavoir. But I'll have to include some 
driver manager logic into my driver. This is what I wanted to avoid 
trying to use the driver manager twice.

Ok! But, another questions: is there any way to force loading the copy 
of driver manager image on demand? And how dynamic linker ( more 
prcisely dl_sym() ) will resolve the symbols? I experienced the problem 
of that dl_sym() gets me entry pionts of my driver instead of ones in 
newly loaded shared object when I used dlopen() to load it (dlmopen() 
with LM_ID_NEWLM option solved this problem).

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