[unixODBC-dev] Where should one install .so files?

Jean-Michel Vourgère jmv_deb at nirgal.com
Sat Jul 14 12:55:01 BST 2012


I'm working on mdbtools, that includes a really free odbc driver for microsoft access files.

I'm used to Debian GNU/Linux OS, and I noticed that most drivers are installing themselves in /usr/lib/odbc rather that just /usr/lib. (Then it changed to /usr/lib/i386/odbc, but that is another story...)
That way, odbcinst.ini only have to reference "Driver = libmdbodbc.so.1" without any path.

But general "upstream" makefile installs in lib/ and not lib/odbc.

My question is where should a driver install itself on most architectures: lib/ or lib/odbc/ ?

Is the odbc subfolder a general thing for distros? Or just a Debian/Ubuntu specific thing?

Thank you!

-- Jean-Michel Vourgère
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