[unixODBC-dev] Building a single static unixODBC application + Postgres driver

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Sat Jul 31 09:51:16 BST 2010

Sebastian Wess wrote:
> Nick-
> > Well, my first suggestion would be to bipass the driver manager,
> > what are the project requirements that prevent that?
> The requirement is that I will eventually need to be able to ship the 
> binary with multiple drivers (Postgres and MySQL) and use the ODBC 
> interface to talk to both of them. So am I correct in understanding 
> that this is going to be a non-starter without some code modification 
> of the driver manager? I.e., there's no magic configure flag that will 
> let me have everything bundled in one big executable?
Its not so much as there is no magic flag, its more a matter of trying 
to link two libraries at run time with exactly the same function names 
in them. And you would have to check that the license terms of both the 
Postgres and MySQL driver was met + the LGPL of unixODBC is it was used. 
As Peter has said in effect you are trying to do exactly what unixODBC 
was designed to prevent you having to do, but it does involve dynamic 


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