[unixODBC-dev] unixODBC-CPP

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Sat Jan 17 17:41:39 GMT 2009

Peter Harvey wrote:

>>Just hack the code in DriverManager/SQLDriverConnect.c to null the
>>handle before calling the driver, what we have done here doesn't need
>>any more (or less) code in the driver to deal with prompts, that bit
>>is entirly up to the driver.
>>I don't think we can ever assume that apps are going to pass a valid
>>handle into the call though. (with reference to your other email to
>>the sqllite chap).
>Well the driver is going to have to do something platform specific to
>fully handle SQLDriverConnect. I suppose one approach would be to always
>pass a NULL window handle to the driver but that would either result in
>an IM008 at times or the driver would have to do something platform
>specific to prompt. My thinking is pass the ODBCINSTWND to the driver
>and let the platform specific approach have a bit more information to
>work with.
Well, what I have done in the past with Easysoft drivers (though we 
don't bother now as no app ever makes use of it) is to ignore the window 
handle and just try and bring a Qt session up, no need for any special 
information from anywhere, My point is how would a application create a 
ODBCINSTWND even if it wanted to?

Given that Qt is going to be released under the LGPL now there is even 
less reason why a driver writer could not do the same as we did. It 
needs no platform specific code at all, just creating a QApplicaion and 
passing control to it. In just the same way as the odbcinstQ code does.


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