[unixODBC-dev] unixODBC-CPP

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Fri Jan 16 05:07:57 GMT 2009


Both unixODBC-Test and unixODBC-GUI-Qt could use more of my time but I
need to move on (at least for this pass). I have renamed ODBC++ to
unixODBC-CPP and I will replace the contents of this project with
unixODBC-GUI-Qt::Wrappers::CPP. This is a merge of sorts.

Nick could you add the following to unixodbc.org...


This project is a very thin C++ wrapper for ODBC. This is most useful
for those who know something about the ODBC API but want a;

- friendlier interface for C++ (traditional calls or those with
compressed arg list for example)
- friendlier interface for modern IDE's (better code completion for example)
- no features hidden


The project is hosted at SourceForge as follows;
Project Descriptive Name: unixODBC-CPP
Project Unix Name: odbc-class-lib
CVS Server: odbc-class-lib.cvs.sourceforge.net
Web Server: odbc-class-lib.sourceforge.net

Source and binary distributions will be made available from
time-to-time. Get the latest sources from cvs if you want the 'bleeding
edge'. Those building from source should look at the README file
included in the source for more information.



Contact the current project leader. At this time it Peter Harvey pharvey
at peterharvey dot org.



This project is governed by the LGPL and GPL. See COPYING in the source
for details.



# Peter Harvey
# others - see AUTHORS file in source for details

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