[unixODBC-dev] SQLDriverConnectPrompt

Igor Korot ikorot at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 13 03:47:29 GMT 2009


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>Igor Korot wrote:
>>Thank you, Nick. However, I don't know about TRUE/FALSE.
>>I did a quick test with this on Windows and when I hit Escape/click Cancel
>>from the DSN dialog, it returned SQL_NO_DATA.
>>So, I'm just thinking that all it needs to do is either return
>>SQL_SUCCESS when DSN is selected or different errors according to
>>SQLDriverConnect in MSDN.
>Its a internal function we are adding here, the app (in your case 
>odbctest I guess)  calls SQLDriverConnect and internally it may or not 
>call the above function to display a dialog.
>You will get no dialog untill Peter has the chance to add his part to 

Thank you for explanation and sorry for confusion.
Hopefully this change will go into the next release of unixODBC and I will
be able to test it in my app.


Thank you.

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