[unixODBC-dev] unixODBC-GUI-Qt: some text for www.unixodbc.org (enough to prime)

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Sat Jan 10 11:52:58 GMT 2009

Peter Harvey wrote:

>I am pretty certain that the DM does not attempt to prompt for a data
>source when provided an empty 'in' string to SQLDriverConnect. This is
>something that could be added. For example;
>    if ( !conn_str_in )
>    {
>        /*
>         * not quite by the book, but better than nothing
>         */
>        conn_str_in = (SQLCHAR*)"DSN=DEFAULT;";
>        len_conn_str_in = strlen((char*) conn_str_in );
>    }
>The above code could be altered such that it goes into a UI plugin to
>get a data source to use. I could add the following to odbcinst;
>BOOL SQLDriverConnectPrompt( HWND  hWnd,  SQLCHAR *pszChars, SQLSMALLINT
>nMaxChars );
>And a corresponding call like this to the UI plugin (odbcinstQ4);
>BOOL ODBCDriverConnectPrompt( HODBCINSTWND  hWnd,  SQLCHAR *pszChars,

My mistake, I thought we had added this, I think there should be a 
existing call that will do what we need.


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