[unixODBC-dev] unixODBC-Test: Some text for www.unixodbc.org (to prime things)

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Fri Jan 9 04:56:27 GMT 2009


This project contains the test bits for unixODBC. The primary platform
is UNIX'isms but it can be used on MS'isms as well. Two different test
frameworks are supported in unixODBC-Test;

- ODBC AutoTests
- ODBC TestFarm

ODBC AutoTests

The legacy method of testing ODBC is to use the MS ODBC Test program to
'poke' at the environment by executing ODBC calls interactively and to
run tests contained in AutoTest libraries. This legacy method is
supported by unixODBC-Test (which contains some AutoTest libraries) and
by unixODBC-GUI-Qt (which contains an application similar to MS ODBC
Test). It is hoped that more test libraries will be donated over time.

ODBC TestFarm

The TestFarm is an alternative test framework for those looking for a
way to easily configure and execute tests in batch. The framework is
very simple and can support any type of executable as a test. An
executable can be a; script (bash or perl for example), binary (custom
program or isql for example) , or a combination. The tests can be
organized in any hierarchy that makes sense to the person configuring
it. The core of the framework is a simple Perl script so any platform
with Perl installed can be used - this includes MS'isms. unixODBC-Test
includes many tests and it is hoped that more will be donated over time.


The project is hosted at SourceForge as follows;

Project Descriptive Name: unixODBC-Test
Project Unix Name: unixodbc-test
SVN Server: unixodbc-test.svn.sourceforge.net
Web Server: unixodbc-test.sourceforge.net

Source and binary distributions will be made available from
time-to-time. Get the latest sources from svn if you want the 'bleeding
edge'. Those building from source should look at the README file
included in the source for more information.


Contact the current project leader. At this time it Peter Harvey pharvey
@ peterharvey.org.


This project is governed by the GPL. See GPL.txt in the source for details.


- Peter Harvey
- Nick Gorham
- Easysoft
- CodeByDesign
- others - see AUTHORS file in source for details

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