[unixODBC-dev] odbcinstQ4 requires Qt::ItemIsEnabled?

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Fri Dec 11 23:56:58 GMT 2009


Is this for the stand-alone unixodbc-gui-qt project or the sources in the
unixodbc project?

FYI: The sources in unixodbc-gui-qt are not in a release state and may not
even be buildable at the moment (unless you pull the sources prior to the
last changes). 

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Subject: [unixODBC-dev] odbcinstQ4 requires Qt::ItemIsEnabled?

I have a report at
that ODBCConfig no longer works now that I've switched over to building
with Qt4.  There's a proposed patch there that adds the
Qt::ItemIsEnabled flag to various setFlags() calls for QWidgetTable
items.  Could anyone comment on whether this is a reasonable patch?

(I filed this on the bug tracker but Nick asked me to ask on-list.)

			regards, tom lane
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