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SHANKAR Uma Uma.SHANKAR at 3ds.com
Tue Aug 18 19:39:54 BST 2009

Another question Nick. I was up on the unixodbc website, and for the 2.0.9 release , it says the following was fixed:
- Add build time option to select wchar_t UNICODE (4 bytes) as opposed to signed short UNICODE (2 byte)

I believe we build unixODBC ourselves. Does this mean that I could actually build unixODBC on unix boxes for the different sizes of wchar_t on unix v/s windows? And this would require no code changes on my part? And I could use wchar_t's the way it is being used now?

Please clarify.

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SHANKAR Uma wrote:
> Thanks Nick for the quick response. I did not realize that about
> wchar_t's. Since I am not a regular unix developer, I have a couple of
> further questions.
>  Are there other constructs that I could use for wide-chars conversions
> that would be more portable between both windows and unix? I will try
> out iconv like you suggest as well.
#include <sqlucode.h>

SQLWCHAR str[ 100 ];

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