[unixODBC-dev] Unicode support

SHANKAR Uma Uma.SHANKAR at 3ds.com
Mon Aug 17 18:53:03 BST 2009


We are using MySql/unixODBC on linux. I am converting UTF8 strings to
Unicode using unixODBC on linux. The same seems to work fine on Windows.
The UTF8 strings are converted to Unicode using the "mbstowcs" function
using wchar_t's. There does not seem to be problem in the conversion .
Once the wide-char string is fed to the driver, all I see is the first
char of the wide-char being written to the db. 

As an example , I have:


Insert into <table> (a) value "WideStr";


What ends up in the table is just the "W" from the "WideStr". I am
walking through code carefully but I believe things are being done

I am sort of running out of ideas . Is there Unicode support in the
unixODBC managers? Any sample code that might be available to do the
same? Any help would be appreciated? Do we have to build the unixODBC
driver with some flag that would enable Unicode strings?

Thanks in advance,


Uma Shankar

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