[unixODBC-dev] Pooling issues

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Tue Apr 7 10:06:41 BST 2009

Jess Balint wrote:

>We were recently alerted to some issues and have some questions
>regarding the unixODBC code.
>* SQLConnect.c:3355 has a comment: "TODO - alter the mutex level here"
>  Would just a call to dbc_change_thread_support() suffice?
>* In dbc_change_thread_support(), what is the inteded use of mutex_lists
>  here? It looks to me it makes the lock "switching" atomic with respect
>  to other concurrent calls to this function.
>* dbc_change_thread_support() also doesn't seem to properly support
>  "Threading" parameter level 0 (connection is still locked). Would a
>  call to thread_protect be a better solution here?
>Thanks for any feedback.
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Going back to this, can someone let me know of some code or a situation 
that causes the reported problem to happen.

Is the driver in question thread safe?

Does anyone know of any thread unsafe drivers out there? As I would love 
to pull all the code that tries to protect unsafe drivers is its never 
being used.


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