[unixODBC-dev] problem with using ODBCINI env var

Chris Pinkenburg pinkenburg at bnl.gov
Tue Sep 16 16:58:17 BST 2008

Dear All,

in our setup we have a few pre-canned odbc.ini files and users set the
ODBCINI variable if they need to use a different one from the default.

The problem we encountered is that currently this file is opened in
append mode which fails if the file is read only. I tracked this down to
odbcinst/_odbcinst_UserINI.c in line 90:

hFile = uo_fopen( pszFileName, "a" );

I changed it to

hFile = uo_fopen( pszFileName, "r" );

and things work nicely (also new users don't end up with an empty
.odbc.ini file in their $HOME dir anymore). VMS is handled separately
and under VMS this file is already (has always been?) opened read only.
Is there a reason to open this file in append mode by default?





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                                ;   http://www.phenix.bnl.gov/~pinkenbu/
Brookhaven National Laboratory  ;   phone: (631) 344-5692
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