[unixODBC-dev] text driver disappeared from 2.2.13/14 ???

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Tue Nov 25 20:39:14 GMT 2008

Tom Lane wrote:

>"Peter Harvey" <pharvey at peterharvey.org> writes:
>>The issue of removing drivers from the driver manager was briefly 
>>discussed on the development list and I would guess that other than the 
>>text driver the split would benefit linux distributors.
>Yes, I remember the discussion about removing the mysql and postgres
>drivers, and I was all for that.  If removing the text driver was
>mentioned, I overlooked that part :-(
>>Some grief has 
>>been caused by packaging drivers with unixODBC which are really 
>>maintained in a different source code control systems. Perhaps the 
>>differentiation between them should in deed be that - drivers where the 
>>definitive source is unixODBC can be distributed with unixODBC and those 
>>where the source is held elsewhere should be distributed from their 
>>primary source.
>Indeed, the problem is exactly that there are separate projects
>maintaining those two drivers, and those guys are more active about it
>than unixODBC is.  So I'd prefer to ship (only) their versions of those
>drivers.  But AFAIK there is not another source for the text driver.
>I don't particularly care whether the text driver is bundled into
>unixODBC or is distributed as a separate tarball.  But if I push out
>2.2.14 into Fedora as-is, useful functionality will disappear.
But remember the main reason open soure works, people work on things 
that they need, and add the functionality they need, sounds like you/RH 
need the txt driver, Peter originally did the work, so maybe between the 
two of you a plan could be organised.

It may be better for the future of the driver that is is spun off as a 
seperate project. There are interactions in the unixODBC code that 
worries me such that I am never sure what I might be breaking in the 
parts I don't use (or in this case, don't think anyone uses).


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