[unixODBC-dev] text driver disappeared from 2.2.13/14 ???

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Tue Nov 25 19:51:24 GMT 2008

The issue of removing drivers from the driver manager was briefly 
discussed on the development list and I would guess that other than the 
text driver the split would benefit linux distributors. Some grief has 
been caused by packaging drivers with unixODBC which are really 
maintained in a different source code control systems. Perhaps the 
differentiation between them should in deed be that - drivers where the 
definitive source is unixODBC can be distributed with unixODBC and those 
where the source is held elsewhere should be distributed from their 
primary source.

As I recall... I pushed to have some drivers in unixODBC in the early days
since a more complete package was needed to get things moving along. In part
for development (including testing and packaging) and in part for User
acceptance. I it is not needed as much anymore and I have been a fan of
removing them from unixODBC (core at least) for sometime. I have an
intention to start a new project (its actually started but not in
sourceforge yet) to compliment unixODBC by providing the GUI bits - which
can go through more frequent releases. Another project still could be a
file-based driver set including the txt driver. There is also cruft in there
that could just get removed. So - IMHO - unixODBC should eventually be just
the DM, include files for ODBC development and perhaps a testing framework.
In the end I defer to Nick - I just think we need to get some bits through
more release cycles while cleaning out cruft (the latter being pretty much a
serious of experiments that I have carried out).


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