[unixODBC-dev] 2.2.13

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Tue Nov 18 10:02:48 GMT 2008

Ok, well, I think the time has come to release this into the wild....


    * There was a mutex around iconv that needed adding. Without this,
      there was a potential thread problem
    * Fix problem with SQLGetDiagRec/Field returning double driver
    * odbctest was using the wrong handle for SQLGetConnectOption
    * remove startup thread race condition
    * fix descriptor memory leak with UNICODE only drivers (thanks Ian)
    * Alter the default 64bit build mode, and change the flag to
    * Fix a couple of 64bit problems
    * create unixodbc_conf.h on install to contain compile settings
    * Allow the GUI parts to build with qt4
    * try and deal with drivers that call internal W functions and
      end up in the driver manager (informix for example). Enabled
      by --enable-handlemap=yes when configuring
    * Fix leak of iconv handles
    * Allow the setup API to call through to the wide driver functions
    * Fix potential seg fault in SQLGetPrivateProfileString
    * Fix a couple of broken casts, and some MS 64bit changes
    * Add check for postgres driver getting into a spin wait
    * Fix logging that reported the setting of env attrs failing
    * Add isql option to wrap strings with quotes
    * Add isql option -3 to make isql use ODBC 3 calls instead of 2
    * Add timestamp to logging output
    * Pull any errors from driver whern SQLBrowseConnect returns 
    * isql now displays any warnings from SQLMoreResults
    * Add include path to odbc_config --cflags output
    * Fix some SQLLEN/SQLINTEGER conflicts in the cursor lib
    * isql now checks if the driver has SQLMoreResults before calling it
    * A couple of tweeks in the txt driver
    * Fix More than 1 log msg relevant in odbcinst now
    * Changed UI plugin technique for odbcinst see...
      ODBCConfig > main.cpp, and
      odbcinst > SQLManageDataSources.c and
      odbcinstQ4 > SQLManageDataSources.cpp
    * Add more 64 bit changes, remove SQLROWCOUNT and its frends from 64 bit
    * Couple of descriptor typo's fixed (Thanks Jess)
    * Add odbcinstQ4 to support pure Qt4 SQLCreateDataSource and
    * Add ODBCCreateDataSourceQ4 as Qt4 based exec to SQLCreateDataSource
    * Add ODBCManageDataSourcesQ4 as Qt4 based exec to SQLManageDataSources
    * Add "-c" option to odbcinst to call SQLCreateDataSource
    * Add "-m" option to odbcinst to call SQLManageDataSources
    * Add ODBCDataManagerQ4
    * Add Wrappers (C++, QtCore 4, QtGui 4 - thin wrappers to ODBC)
    * Add more complete set of driver config options to GUI config
    * Fix incorrect export file in odbcinstQ
    * Added some extra features to isql (thanks to Ron Norman for the
    * Add diag support lib for driver development  and possibly DM
      This is very 'black-boxed' on purpose.
    * Fix Replaced diag code in txt driver to use new diag lib.
    * Add New odbctrac library.
    * Add Threading can not be config via Qt(4) based GUI
    * Add New ODBCString library.
    * Add odbcinst.ini -> ODBC -> TraceLibrary and corresponding GUI Qt(4)
    * prevent the cursor lib from seg faulting if the query isn't a select
    * Add SQLULEN size display to the output of odbcinst -j
    * Add mutexes in odbcinst/_logging.c
    * Remove the MySQL Driver, its woefully out of date now
    * Remove incorrect path in vms_odbc.opt
    * rename trace.h to odbctrace.h to avoid potential name conflicts
      and move to include dir
    * update unixODBC.spec file
    * Fix build problem with QT4 without QWizard support
    * Alter how the Ansi-Unicode mapping is done, so a unicode function 
can be
      passed to the driver (if it supports it) even if a non unicode 
connect was done
    * Fix buffer overrun in SQLDriverConnectW and SQLColAttributesW
    * I have cut back on a lot of the GUI parts that are being added. 
The goal is to
      create a distinct set of files that contains these and other parts 
that are
      not part of the core goal of providing ODBC. Likewise the drivers 
will go on the
      next release, as most DB's now have their own folk working on 
their drivers
      and they all interoperate with unixODBC so its just adding 
confusion including them
      here (IMHO that is)
    * Prevent a potential buffer overrun in the DM
    * The processing of --enable-rtldgroup had been dropped, back now
    * Allow the cursor lib to handle multiple result sets

Any problems, let me know.


Nick Gorham

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