[unixODBC-dev] [PATCH] VMS build update

Craig A. Berry craigberry at mac.com
Tue May 20 13:03:25 BST 2008

The attached patch against recent CVS gets the build into shape on
VMS.  Most of the changes are casts to function parameters to make
the compiler stop complaining about type mismatches.  The warnings
are attached in the file vmswarn.txt if anyone is interested.

There were two minor tweaks in vmsbuild.com.  Also, in the
VMS-specific linker options file, I removed the hard-coded path to
Nick's home directory :-).  In extras/vms.c, I added some code to
lt_dlopen to make it handle a driver name that is an absolute path in
unix syntax (for example when the Driver entry in odbcinst.ini has a
full path rather than the name of an entry in odbc.ini).

After these changes, I built the FreeTDS driver against it and got it
to pass its rather extensive test suite.

Let me know if there are any questions, comments, or concerns about the patch.
Craig A. Berry
mailto:craigberry at mac.com

"... getting out of a sonnet is much more
  difficult than getting in."
                  Brad Leithauser
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