[unixODBC-dev] Issue with ODBC on 64 bit machine while using SQLUINTEGER and SQLINTEGER

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Thu Mar 27 09:28:13 GMT 2008

qureshifaizan faiz wrote:

>Hello Freinds,
>Thanks for the reply.Take this simple example
>"select ID from TEST_TABLE where TEST_VALUE = ?"
>This query works fine in CLI using mysql 5.1.
>But in the application when i EXECUTE this query iam unable to fetch the
>data using the SQLFetch and it returns DB_NO_DATA with a result code 100 or
>some times gives a junk value.
>The procedure i have followed is as follows.
>i have used SQLUINTEGER for the input parameter in case of SQLBindParameter.
>SQINTEGER indIdValue;
>retCode =
>and same in the case of out put SQLBindCol
>//steps followed are.
>Iam executing this on a 64 bit machine with mysql 5.1.
>But the same code works fine on a 32 bit machine with mysql4.0.
>Iam not getting clue what the problem is.I will be very grateful if you
>could help
>me solve this problem
The sample code looks fine, assuming sizeof( SQLUINTEGER ) == 4 as it 
should. I would check with the MyODBC folk, as none of the values in the 
SQLBindParameter/SQLBindCol are altered by unixODBC, and are passed onto 
the driver.

Just one thing, the indValue should be a SQLLEN type, and there are two 
incompatible definitions of that, but again, in this case its between 
the ap and the driver, the DM doesn't get involved. Even if the size was 
wrong, as long as it didn;t end up being -1 (SQL_NULL_DATA) the driver 
should ignore the length for fixed length type like a integer.


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