[unixODBC-dev] Urgent Help: undefined reference errors

Shwe Yee Than shweyeesyt at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 06:04:00 GMT 2008

 Thanks a lot. I managed to solve the problem.

Hor Meng Yoong <yoonghm at gmail.com> wrote: Hi:

  Normally, unixODBC is installed in /usr/local/include (the header
files such as sql.h) and library in /usr/local/lib (the library such
as libodbc.so). You need to modify the Makefile or shell environment
file to set library path to /usr/local/lib.

  In your trace, you have

gcc alpha1.o sample_main.o -o etd.cgi
-L/home/srb/SRB3_4_2/obj -lSrbClient -lm -lpthread

The change may be (depending on your machine as I use unixODBC on Sun
and Sun Studio).
gcc alpha1.o sample_main.o -o etd.cgi
-L/home/srb/SRB3_4_2/obj -L/usr/local/lib -lSrbClient -lm -lpthread

Hor Meng
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