[unixODBC-dev] libodbcpsql seems seems sensitive to EOFs from Postgresql

Tom Lane tgl at sss.pgh.pa.us
Sun Jan 20 19:33:08 GMT 2008

Robert Kiesling <kiesling at earthlink.net> writes:
> The libodbcpsql driver seems sensitive to EOFs from Postgres, 8.2.6.
> The fault seems to occur intermittently in SQLGetDiagRec, and causes
> either unixODBC, version 2.1.12, or Perl, connected to unixODBC with
> UnixODBC.pm, to segfault.

> The error is: "LOG:  unexpected EOF on client connection" printed on the terminal,
> then a segfault

I think you've got the causality backward.  That log message is the
server reporting that the client dropped the connection ungracefully.

Can we see a gdb stack trace from the segfault?

> This issue does not occur with the psqlODBC driver.  The operating system
> is Debian GNU/Linux etch.

Can't speak for Debian, but on Red Hat I routinely recommend using
postgresql-odbc with unixODBC.  The libodbcpsql driver that comes with
unixODBC is very old and seems unmaintained.  The same goes for
mysql-connector-odbc versus the one in unixODBC.  I've actually
considered removing these libraries from the unixODBC RPM to make
people get the more up-to-date ones ...

			regards, tom lane

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