[unixODBC-dev] libodbcpsql seems seems sensitive to EOFs from Postgresql

Robert Kiesling kiesling at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 20 13:49:18 GMT 2008

The libodbcpsql driver seems sensitive to EOFs from Postgres, 8.2.6.
The fault seems to occur intermittently in SQLGetDiagRec, and causes
either unixODBC, version 2.1.12, or Perl, connected to unixODBC with
UnixODBC.pm, to segfault.

The error is: "LOG:  unexpected EOF on client connection" printed on the terminal,
then a segfault

This issue does not occur with the psqlODBC driver.  The operating system
is Debian GNU/Linux etch.

I would suspect that the segfault is due to an uncaught signal, although I'm
not certain which signal Postgresql would trigger in such cases of a broken 

I would like to know if anyone has actually encountered the issue, or if 
they have experience with the recent Postgres internals, to help diagnose
the problem.

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