[unixODBC-dev] unixODBC-GUI-Qt

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Mon Dec 8 04:11:50 GMT 2008

I have created a new project on sourceforge for unixODBC-GUI-Qt. This
can be found at;


I will do an import as soon as I get the following to build using qmake;

- odbcinstQ4
- ODBCCreateDataSourceQ4
- ODBCManageDataSourcesQ4

Note: The new version of the Data Manager (ODBCDataManagerQ4) is going
to take too much time - so I am ignoring it for now.

I am, at the moment, halted until I get those internal funcs exposed (or
I can hack something I suppose) ;)

Once I get the initial import done I will make an effort to get it to
build with GNU auto tools and then - to get an rpm spec for it.

All of this, of course, is based upon copied code from unixODBC :)


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