[unixODBC-dev] Wrappers/ODBCDataManagerQ4

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Sun Aug 31 22:41:32 BST 2008

On Sunday 31 August 2008 13:24:59 Nick Gorham wrote:
> Peter Harvey wrote:
> >Nick,
> >
> >I noticed that you removed Wrappers and ODBCDataManagerQ4 from
> > Makefile.am. I assume that it was because of all the changes I was making
> > in those directories. With this in mind I have added them back - as they
> > now build fine. Even still - I am doing work on Vista much of the time to
> > ensure that things are ok there and then checking the changes in before
> > switching over to Linux to ensure portability... so there may be times
> > when things break for some hours (possibly 24hrs).
> >
> >Hopefully this is ok. Alternatively; I could just yank this work from the
> >project (as we had discussed) and start working in a new project.
> >
> >Its all good from where I am sitting - I just need to stay focused on
> > making progress as fast as possible.
> Yes, I was trying to get a build that built :-) so I could release it.
> It failed with some TEXT() macros.
> It would help getting the 2.2.13 out if you could hold back for the
> moment though, or if its in a state of flux, maybe it would be better to
> remove for the moment, as then it will get released quicker and we can
> do the plit we talked about, There is not much point in a release if
> part of it is a work in progress.

Well it builds for me at this moment so I can just leave it as is and start 
working from another project or take steps to actually remove some of it now. 
Your preference?

I am definitely a huge fan of getting a release out :)

Where should we draw the line between the unixODBC of 'tomorrow' and the 
optional stuff? I suppose unixODBC could be reduced to the following 


- odbc
- odbcinst


- isql
- uisql
- odbcinst
- odbc_config


- sql.h
- sqlext.h
- sqltypes.h
- sqlucode.h
- odbcinst.h
- odbcinstext.h
- unixodbc_conf.h
- uodbc_extras.h
- uodbc_stats.h

This would leave, at least, the following features to be put into one or more 

- drivers
- driver config
- Qt gui bits
- gtk gui bits
- wrappers
- FDB stuff
- SQL parser

...basically anything not needed to support the basic functionality of DM and 



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