[unixODBC-dev] Wrappers/ODBCDataManagerQ4

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Sun Aug 31 21:24:59 BST 2008

Peter Harvey wrote:

>I noticed that you removed Wrappers and ODBCDataManagerQ4 from Makefile.am. I 
>assume that it was because of all the changes I was making in those 
>directories. With this in mind I have added them back - as they now build 
>fine. Even still - I am doing work on Vista much of the time to ensure that 
>things are ok there and then checking the changes in before switching over to 
>Linux to ensure portability... so there may be times when things break for 
>some hours (possibly 24hrs).
>Hopefully this is ok. Alternatively; I could just yank this work from the 
>project (as we had discussed) and start working in a new project.
>Its all good from where I am sitting - I just need to stay focused on making 
>progress as fast as possible.
Yes, I was trying to get a build that built :-) so I could release it. 
It failed with some TEXT() macros.

It would help getting the 2.2.13 out if you could hold back for the 
moment though, or if its in a state of flux, maybe it would be better to 
remove for the moment, as then it will get released quicker and we can 
do the plit we talked about, There is not much point in a release if 
part of it is a work in progress.


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