[unixODBC-dev] Issue with ODBC on 64 bit machine while using SQLUINTEGER and SQLINTEGER

Kent Boortz kent at mysql.com
Sat Apr 19 22:45:27 BST 2008

Martin Evans <martin.evans at easysoft.com> writes:
> How are you compiling your code? Perhaps your MySQL driver was compiled 
> with SIZEOF_LONG = 8 and your code is compiled with SIZEOF_LONG=4 ! Only 
> guessing as the unixODBC sql* header files test SIZEOF_LONG but nothing 
> is recorded in unixODBC itself to say how it was compiled. That means 
> you can compile unixODBC with SIZEOF_LONG = 8, your driver with 
> SIZEOF_LONG=4 and your app with SIZEOF_LONG=xx and they won't work together.

JFYI, the MySQL drivers are right now compiled against unixODBC-2.2.12
(with a few patches applied to correct unixODBC "descriptor bugs").

For 64-bit builds we currently don't set BUILD_REAL_64_BIT_MODE but we
do set SIZEOF_LONG to 8 for all 64 bit platforms.

This means that the driver is not compatible with precompiled unixODBC
part of Linux distributions that has patched the source to set


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