[unixODBC-dev] commit to cvs coming

pharvey at peterharvey.org pharvey at peterharvey.org
Fri Nov 23 17:16:06 GMT 2007


I have been working on unixODBC for most of this week. In particular I  
have made changes to;

- lst
- log
- odbcinst (a lot)
- odbcinstQ4 (a lot)
- txt driver
- template driver
- unixODBC/Makefile.am (to dive into odbcinstQ4)
- unixODBC/configure.in (new QT4 flag)
- unixODBC/odbcinstQ (and other Qt3 based code to avoid building when QT4)

The primary focus has been on nailing down the pure Qt4 suppport in  
odbcinstQ4 but I have also fixed a few bugs as I have found them and  
enhanced odbcinst logging such that more than the last message is  

I am delaying doing the commit until after the weekend so that I can  
get yet more forward progress on odbcinstQ4 but also with the idea  
that you may want to tag the current cvs.

I working mostly offline while visiting my parents (farm country in  
Ontario) but will be online, at the very least, after the weekend.


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